Rapbase Pro

Rap Base Pro

Annual Payment
  • High quality Beats
  • Direct contact with the producers.
  • 100% Royalty Free. Commercial use.
  • Secure source. Secure payment.

About Rapbase Pro

We regularly produce new high quality beats for our Rapbase Pro members. The beats are produced exclusively for Rabbase.de and can be used without hesitation. For gigs, YouTube and even Spotify.

Your song became a hit? Perfectly. Just activate an Unlimited license for the respective Pro Beat and there will be no more limitations.

Rapbase Pro Lizenz

You can use all Pro Beats for your rap projects without hesitation. As long as your or your client's vocal tracks are above the beat and you don't generate or reach more than 500,000 listeners or sales in total. That way you can test how well your songs are received first. And if it becomes more, which we wish for you, you can simply extend your license to Unlimited. hier.

Unlimited Lizenz

If you see that your song project becomes successful, you can purchase an Unlimited license for the respective beat. This removes all limitations and you can generate as many listeners, streams and sales as you want. So you only pay for the beats that are really successful and probably generate more revenue for you than the license extension costs. hier.